How It Works

To be considered as part of any of the contests, you have to create an account to get registered.

We are searching for young people all around the world to be part of this great opportunity. Click on any contest of your choice and participate on any, tell your friends to come and vote for you and stand the chance of being the winner of that particular contest. Boost your votes to increase the chances of you being at the top of other contestants and get the rewards.

All participants must:

Be between the ages of 18 and 60 years old
Be of good health and character
Speak fluent English
Be here regularly to see your qualifications
Not have tattoos or piercings


1. VP means Vote Point
2. Each vote you do gets you some VP
3. The higher you vote, the higher your VP
4. Invite a sponsor and get 100VP
5. Share any contests and get 10VP each (we only give 30VP on share of 3 contest every 24hrs), make sure you are logged in


1. The Get Rewarded feature allows you to buy tickets with your VP and win lots of iContestPRO luxury gifts.
2. You can buy more tickets with your VP to stand a chance to win

For any inquiries or any questions, kindly contact us via +234 906 7989 021