1. Who can use iContestPRO?

Anyone be it Sponsors of Contest, Contestants, Voters, Advertisers, Marketers or Viewers

2. How do I become a Sponsor?

Very Easy! Create your account and upgrade to become a SPONSOR as only sponsor can upload contests.

3.What is a Code Vote?

A code vote is given by a company sponsor, they are given codes to come to come and contest on their contest on iContestPRO.

4. What are boosted votes?

A voter can decide to boost their votes by making payments from the wallets to increase their number of votes with a token.

5. Do I need to register to vote?

No! The free votes do not require registration. Anyone can come and vote freely. But the boosted vote and coded votes require registration.

6. How can I vote more instead of just a vote?

Very possible! You can boost higher votes with just little amount from your wallet. Also you can use your free votes everyday until the contest expires.

7. What is VP and how does it work?

VP is Point Value! Each vote you vote for someone comes with a number of VP, the higher you vote, the higher your VP adds up. When you refer someone, some VP and amount will be added to your wallet.

8. of what value is VP to me?

You can use your VP to get some rewards weekly or monthly when you buy a ticket or get reward page to stand a chance to win lots of prizes.

9. I forgot my password to Login.

You can do a quick password reset by clicking here. Make sure you have an active email so as to send the password reset link on your mail.

10. Is contesting free?

Depending on each sponsor, some contest requires a little token for entrance while some are free

11. What will I get if I contest?

Every contest is embedded with prizes and/or gifts for only the first, second and third winners of votes.

12.How can more people vote for me?

IContestPRO platform has its members and followers, but you will achieve more if you share your contest on your social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp and call their attention to vote for you. You can as well tell your friends to boost your votes for you to have more chances of winning.

13. How can I credit my wallet?

You can easily credit your wallet on your dashboard after creating your account.

14. How can I put my campaign on the big banner up?

Go to your dashboard and click on the link Become A Sponsor, follow the 2-step process and your AD will be visible on the big banner for more users to view and join.

15. How can I advertise my business on iContestPRO platform?

Very easy! Create a one-step account with us, upload your ad and make payments, after confirmation your ADs will be visible on our platform. You can also extend your AD if it expires or if it's about to expire.

16. Where are members from iContestPRO coming from?

We get influx of members daily, we have various social media handles where they come from. They also come from our blogs on other platforms, advertising agencies, brands, email marketing and other means.

17. How can I withdraw my money from my wallet?

You can only withdraw when your money reaches a minimum of ₦2,000

18. How do I Earn?

- The more you refer Sponsors, the more you earn.
- The more you upload contest and get people to participate, the more you earn either by voting and entrance fee.

19. My Sponsorship has not been approved why?

Kindly contact us here and lay your complaints.