About Us

iContestPro is a digital multiple contest platform that brings to you top online competitions, challenges and contests from sponsors all over the world. These sponsors are reputable organisations, associations or groups. We all love contests and loyalty rewards - thus, we have made it easy for organizations to publish contests online on iContestPro, in a fun-like, transparent and yet engaging ecosystem.

There is something for everybody, win BIG when you participate in a contest sponsored by one of our top brand and organisation, just like you also get rewarded handsomely when you votes for contestants. To our sponsors, we promise an optimised brand visibility, brand engagement and loyalty drive - with every contest published

A promise of brand engagement

Content Marketing is regarded as the most powerful engagement strategy - whereas competition is considered the most effective content marketing tool. We have built iContestPro, to help organisations leverage on technology to create contests online very easily and quickly, thus, driving brand engagement, brand visibility and loyalty. With some level of creativity, you have in your hands a complete ecosystem to stimulate sales and monetize your brand follower-ship.

Our Mission

We are on a mission of redefining brand engagement and loyalty rewards - by connecting brands to their customers and prospects in a fun and engaging ecosystem.

Our Value

Fitness, Fun Engagement, Guaranteed satisfaction, Transparency & Integrity